FMP development

This week I felt very stuck with my project. I did some interesting work last week and I like the weird combination of two unrelated objects. I want to continue work this way because there are lots of unconscious imagination about my daily life in my head and I want to visualize them.

I did a very short animation based on the video I filmed last week.

I tried to combine things according to a reason. After researched The toaster project by Thomas Thwaites and the essay I, Pencil, written from the perspective of a pencil ‘as told to Leonard E. Read’. Their work reminded me to think of the materials of objects.

Therefore, I filmed more video clips according to their similar materials. Pencil and tissue paper are mainly made of wood and all kinds of plastic products.


However, I don’t really like the direction of the materials, I can say that everything we own is an assemblage of various materials. And more importantly, I feel more freedom and pleasure to express my own imagination, just like the artists Izumi Miyazaki and Anton Gudim created.

In my opinion, I don’t feel like every artwork supposed to have a deep concept, self-expression and sharing inner thought can also be considered as art. And I prefer to work this way. Sometimes I see the falling hair on my rug while I’m drinking water with a cup, I suddenly thought there are loads of hair in my cup and even my throat can feel that. There are lots of moments like this that happened in my daily life. and I have a very strong intension to picture them.

Therefore, I will do more digital illustrations to visualize my imagination about daily objects during the quarantine. I may tell a one-day story that follows the timeline, from morning to night, and the story component by several narratives.


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